Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 13 - A Song That You Just Heard For the First Time

I'm behind again so there will be 2 challenge posts today. I really should take the time to plan ahead and schedule these but I kind of like choosing a theme on the fly and then coming up with a song to fit that theme. Almost everyday of this challenge, I have sat down at my computer, realized I need to do a challenge post, decided on the theme, picked a song, and written the post in about 20 minutes. This has been especially true since I gave up on the original challenge rules.

Day 13 of the challenge required a little more time. I wanted to find a song that I never heard before that I actually liked. So I spent a some time on The Hype Machine, listening to new songs, to find one that I liked enough to write about. Before starting, I was worried that I would have a hard time finding a song that I really, really enjoyed but quickly found that would not be a problem. I found several songs that I liked enough to save for another listen.

"The Look" by Metronomy- Out of all the new songs I heard with this little experiment, this one stood out most to me. It has the synthy sound that I'm really liking right now. I'd never heard this band before now but apparently they've been around since 2006. Sure, it's not the greatest song I've ever heard, but it is quite enjoyable. Success!

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