Friday, April 1, 2011

Broken Bells: Meyrin Fields EP

I have already mentioned that I am a huge fan of The Shins. I am dying for them to release a new album but, unfortunately, there are no signs of that happening anytime soon. Luckily, I can still get my fix of James Mercer (The Shins singer/guitarist) with Broken Bells, a collaboration between him and Danger Mouse.

I should warn you that this is not The Shins, by any stretch of the imagination. This is something completely different. Danger Mouse brings an electronic sound that you will not hear in any Shins song. Too be honest, I have not listened to much of Danger Mouse's other projects which include Gnarls Barkley and work with The Gorrilaz, but the Broken Bells album was one of my favorites of 2010. There is something so unique about the mixture of their different styles that makes for some great music. I take it as further proof that James Mercer can do no wrong.

Broken Bells released an new EP this week and I've given it a few listens. I enjoy it quite a bit, especially the title track, Meyrin Fields. That being said, the more music Broken Bells create and release, the further away a new Shins album seems to be. Here's to hoping that James Mercer has gotten his electronic, distorted fix for at least a little while.

Broken Bells - Meyrin Fields

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