Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yesterday, I had a little bit of free time, which is something that has been scarce lately. I also had a few ideas for blog posts. I planned to sit at my computer and write a few posts, including the probably not at all thrilling thrilling conclusion to my 30 Day Song Challenge. As you can see, this did not happen. The reason? Blogger was down ALL STINKING DAY. So instead, I surfed the web and logged some  Pinterest, Google Reader, Youtube, and StumbleUpon time. It was enjoyable but completely unproductive. Sure, I could have written the posts offline and posted them Blogger was back up and running, but that's not my style. Unfortunately, I won't have time to post anything in the next couple of days. I hope to finish the challenge and write a few post in a couple of days. Your patience is appreciated (I like to pretend I have thousands of readers when I actually have about 3.7.)

Until I can catch up, here is something I saw yesterday while surfing around. That lamp is calling my name.

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