Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 28 - A Song By the Last Band You Saw in Concert

"The Stars Just Blink for Us" by Say Hi - I am playing catch up on the 30 day challenge which is why there's 2 posts today. I think today should actually be Day 29 but it's ok. I will just change the name to the 30 Day (or so) Song Challenge. I haven't followed any other rules of the challenge, why start now.

I used another song by Say Hi in an earlier post and mentioned that I saw them live recently. Strangely, I went to this show with the same person who took me to my first concert, my brother Ben. This is strange because, before the Say Hi show, I don't think I'd been to a show with Ben since we went to see No Doubt when I was 14 or 15.

The show itself was pretty good. It was in the back room of the Black Cat in DC which is very small. My sister-in-law told me before the show that they don't play fan favorites and, for the most part, stick with their most recent album. This turned out to be true and was a little disappointing because, while I enjoy the album released earlier this year, there are lots of songs from earlier albums that I would have loved to hear live. That being said, I still really enjoyed the show and would love to see them again some time. The opening band, Yellow Ostrich, was also quite good.

Here's one of my favorites that, unfortunately, they didn't play at the show. I really wish there was an actual video to post and not just cover art with song lyrics.

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