Monday, May 16, 2011

Keith Morrison, I Love You

If you have spent any time on YouTube, you may have come across a video like this. Some teenage girl creates a photo montage of their favorite male celebrity while a cute love song plays. Often, they've included little sayings or quotes in between the photos to express their undying devotion to that celebrity. These types of videos typically feature some dreamy heart throb actor, like Robert Pattinson or the one that plays the werewolf.

My normal reaction when I come across one of these videos is to quickly stop playback, click away from the page, and consider what incorrect choice I might have made to bring me to that particular web page. Today, however, I came across such a video that caused a very different reaction.

I was watching the news with Jason's sister, Juli, and we got into a conversation about news correspondents. I brought up Keith Morrison and tried to describe the apparent glee he has while interviewing people, regardless of how horrific their story is. She was not familiar so I pulled out my laptop and searched his name in YouTube. That is how I came across the video below.

I realize that this video was probably made to make fun of all the other videos of this type but, deep down, I hope that it is actually sincere. I hope there is some girl with a crush on Keith Morrison that is so intense, she just had to create this video and share her love with the world. Whatever the case may be, I am glad that this video was created. The choice of music is brilliant.

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