Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I'm Listening To: Week of June 5th

Yeasayer- "Swallowing the Decibels" I had decided that I did not like Yeasayer after hearing them a few times on Pandora about a year ago. They are described as experimental, psychedelic, and electronic, which to me, usually just means weird. And they are weird. The music is not immediately beautiful or catchy. It is filled with synthesizers and drums and, occasionally, thumb cymbals and sitars. When I first heard them, I didn't like them at all. Maybe I didn't give them enough of a chance or my tastes have changed since then, but I now like them quite a bit. The song "O.N.E," which I've shared here before, is what got me to give them a second chance. I can't say I love all of their songs, but they have several that I do like a lot. They may be eccentric but at least they're not boring. They recently released the song, "Swallowing the Decibels," which didn't make it onto their last album. I can't imagine why because I think it's become one of my favorites.

Peter Bjorn and John- "Eyes" I still occasionally buy entire albums. Every month, Amazon sells 100 albums for five bucks and every month, I find two or three albums on the list that I want. One of the albums for sale this month is Peter Bjorn and John's newest, Gimme Some, which I've heard bits and pieces of and liked. This is nothing ground breaking, just good, energetic, indie rock. So far, I've only listened to the entire album once. Here's my initial favorite, "Eyes."

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