Thursday, June 23, 2011

Something to Write About

More than once over the past couple of weeks, I've thought "I should probably write a blog post." The problem is I haven't been very inspired lately. Before I had a blog, I constantly had ideas of what I would write about if I had one. Now that I do, I can't seem to find anything I want to write about. That being said, I am determined to write more and keep up with this blog. Starting now.

It's been an eventful couple of weeks since my last blog post. I got a new phone (kind of), a new kitten, and I turned thirty. All of these things are significant in their own way and I thought I'd write a little about each of them.

I happen to be a smart phone nerd. I like to keep up with the newest, fastest, shiniest phones available by reading tech blogs. I mentioned recently that the Palm Pre I've used and loved for the past two years was dying and a couple of weeks ago, it became unusable. It kept freezing and wouldn't charge. I had hoped to get the next version of that same phone, the HP Pre3, since I'm partial to Webos, but it is not yet available. Jason had a phone upgrade available that he was not planning on using anytime soon so I used his upgrade to get a temporary phone to hold me over until the phone I want is available. The temporary phone is an HTC Evo which was on sale for half price at Best Buy. When I get a new phone, Jason will take over the Evo. At first, I found the Android operating system clunky and frustrating but after using it for a while, I like it quite a bit. I miss the intuitive user interface of Webos but what Android makes up for it's lack of elegance with function and available applications. I have just about given up on getting the Pre3 because I like Android enough and it's looking less and less likely that Sprint will carry it anytime soon. Now I just have to decide on which Android phone I want.

On to turning (gulp)thirty. My birthday was last week and I was surprised with how depressing I found it to turn thirty. When I was younger, I always saw thirty as the point when you become officially all grown up. I know that it's still relatively young but to me it always seemed so OLD! To make matters worse, about a week before my birthday, I found a short, frizzy, gray hair sticking straight up from the top of my head. I nearly fainted. I can handle being thirty but I am quite sure I can't handle gray hair. Even at the ripe, old age of (gulp) thirty, I AM TOO YOUNG FOR GRAY HAIR! I know that you're not supposed to but I plucked that gray hair faster than you can blink an eye. Now, whenever I'm in front of a mirror, I search obsessively for more of them. I just know the stress of it is causing more gray hairs to sprout daily.

The last recent change in my life is the kitten that Jason brought home. I have always considered myself a dog person and never really cared for cats. We have two dogs, Ollie and Dublin, and they are awesome. I had no interest in cats but about a year ago, Jason's brother's cat had kittens and we took one home and named her Tiny. Now we've added another kitten, which we've decided to name Boone. I wanted to name him Linus, after Ben Linus on LOST, but Jason didn't like that. So we settled on Boone, another character from lost. That makes four animals in our little, two bedroom apartment. It's a bit of a zoo and I'm pretty sure our neighbors think we're crazy. Tiny can be kind of a jerk at times but this new kitten is snuggly and sweet. He is also ridiculously cute. No matter how cute he is, he will be the last animal we adopt. Any more and we will officially be those weird people on the corner with all the animals. We may already be those people.


  1. We finally sent all our pets packing, so to speak, now I no longer get gray hairs. Of course there's enough gray hair on the other side of my family to compensate. Cheya'll have to send me packing to take care of that.

    I always thought 60 was older than dirt. I was right.

  2. That's funny, Myke. Now that I've had a couple of weeks to cope with being 30, I've realized it's not that bad. I have a whole decade in front of me before I have to deal with one of these incredibly depressing birthdays. Until then, I'm just in my thirties.